INNERCITYOGA's signature YogaMusicFlow Classes in Genève / Geneva

The founders Ioana Pop and Patric Pop have been offering the popular YogaMusicFlow or Yoga Music Flow Classes for over fifteen years at INNERCITYOGA, considered by many the best yoga center in Genève / Geneva and one of the leading studios in Switzerland.

The YogaMusicFlow classes are based on the traditonal sequencing of Ashtanga Yoga, with a smart Vinyasa Flow sequencing of yoga asanas (postures) throughout class. Subsequent poses complement each step towards the final “peak” pose. We also take time in certain asanas to build stamina while looking at the proper alignment for different bodies and levels.

Besides a series of standing postures we will explore a variety of challenging arm balances. And as true signature class : you will rock your chakras to the beats that may span from r’n’b, hip hop, pop & rock as well as traditional mantras.

A challenging and fun class. Sporty beginners welcome.

And at INNERCITYOGA you will find other yoga styles, too: from Hatha Yoga to Vinyasa Flow, Poweryoga to Prenatal Yoga or even Yin Yoga, outdoor classes during summer or the yogashop. INNERCITYOGA is known for the best quality classes and complimentary services, and is perfectly located in the pedestrian shopping and business district across the street from the Apple Store.

INNERCITYOGA Urban Yoga Center ®
3 Rue de Rive
1204 Genève

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Photo Courtesy by Patric Pop Photo Genève / Geneva